2nd  Pillar: 
Perrsonal & Professional Development Roadmap
Clarify Your Definition of Success Create a Career or Business Success Plan
Estabilish Guidelines for Work/Life Balance 
1st Pillar:
Work/Life Stress Audit 
Identify your current challenges and work lifestyle
Assess the level of stress derived from each challenge
Incorporate feedback and observations from yourself and others

3rd Pillar: 
Professional Resilience Toolkit 
Based on your goals and stressors, access an emotional & career toolkit to give you the tools for success. 


Hi. I'm Crystal and it's great to meet you. I'm an executive coach who helps leaders understand where their stress comes from, choose the right tools to master these stressors and create a successful career path. 

Managing leadership roles, family and other committments can be difficult. The tools in my own program helped me to balance my caeer, family, social and obligations. 

With the right tools, it IS possible to have a successful career AND a life you love. 

"Crystal is absolutely amazing!  One of the things that I love about working with Crystal is that she allows me to ramble, but in my ramblings, she listens intently to help me get past my self-limiting beliefs so that I can grow."
"Crystal is an amazing coach.She has a great heart and a desire to see people win. I have truly enjoyed working with her and hope to continue to. She will help you organise your vision into reality.  I definitely recommend her."
"My time spent coaching under Crystal cannot really be summed up into words, but it has been more beneficial to me than many other approaches I have taken in the last ten years. Her blended structured coaching approach helped me build systems to grow."

Jeremy Allen, 
Brand Strategist 

Allan Dubon

Reina Rose