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the Next Level Career System 

Hosted by executive coach Crystal Gregory

Next Level Career 

Next Level Career Workshops 

Get Crystal Clear Career steps for your next move in quick, fast-moving 35 minute workshops a few times a month. Live Q &A with a career coach and actionable steps to move your career or job search forward. 

Next Level Career System

Join a cohort-based group coaching program to cast a vision, get clear on your strategic career roadmap, and access your own career toolkits for resilience & career planning. 

 Career Coaching

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Individual career coaching to create a custom career search plan and customise your career development journey. 

What Our Clients Say

We are driven by the pleasure of receiving great feedback from our customers, we work hard every day to offer the best possible experience

Jessica L. Moody 

"Crystal is absolutely amazing!  She can visualise and implement the automated and technical steps of online business.  She has taken my ideas to create and launch a full online educational program.  I had been overwhelmed with  all the pieces and I am thankful for her help and guidance and am grateful to her."

Los Angels, California
Allan Dubon

"Crystal is an amazing coach and designer. She has a great heart and a desire to see people win. I have truly enjoyed working with her and hope to continue to. She will help you organise your vision into reality and help you feel comfortable with all of the techie stuff. I definitely recommend her."


Hooper, Utah
Reina Rose
Los Angeles, California

"My time spent coaching under Crystal cannot really be summed up into words, but it has been more beneficial to me than many other approaches I have taken in the last ten years. Her blended structured coaching approach helped me build systems to grow."